Song of Summer's End

Sandra's vision of Indian Summer

Rain has fallen and touched the ground,

And all the colours turned grey.

I've sung the song of Summer's End

On the last sunny day.

I've hued the leaves a golden red,

I've sent the wild geese away,

And I've smiled a bit and cried a bit

On the last sunny day.

I remember being a girl

With lilies in her hair,

When all the world was dance and song

And flowers perfumed the air.

Then you lived and then you laughed

And I did laugh with you,

When the trees were white with blossoms

And the sky was ocean blue.

Rain has fallen and touched the ground

And drawn the warmth from the stones.

I listen to his soothing sound

That fills my heart and bones.

I look out to the weary trees:

They are grateful for the lullaby

That helps them sleep their long, deep sleep

And so am I.

Not long ago I settled down

And watched my rich lands grow.

Busy I was, but joyful I was

And the sun from my face did show.

With peace in my heart I cared and tended

Gardens and cattle and child

And beautiful, bountiful was my reward

From the culture and the wild.

But now the rain is coming down

And I feel weary and old.

My auburn hair is wispy white

And my hands are feeble and cold.

I walk across my barren lands

In silent reverie

Leaving tears and strands of mist

As a last adieu from me.

Crystal, October 1998

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