Siren Song

I know I have been created by Nature

To drive with my voice ships to the shore.

I know I have come to the conclusion:

My life is devoted to death and destruction and loss - Nothing more.

Mockingly, mockingly I sing my lullaby,

Driving them mad and getting them caught;

Soothingly, soothingly I tell them my good-bye

Like I`ve been taught - like I`ve been taught.

Moments of beauty, moments of bitterness

Mix in my mem`ry as long as I live:

My love is tainted, and cursed is my tenderness;

Loss and illusion and longing is all that I give.

I broke the hourglass;

I broke these eyes that stare emptily.

My love lies broken,

He`s paid the prize ... and the song of the waves

Calls me steadily, easily, teasingly, tearingly,

seethingly, soothingly, searingly, broodingly ...

A body of beauty, a voice of seduction.

It seems I can take all I need...

But fulfilling your longing imparts your destruction:

Am I to succeed? Am I to succeed?!

Involuntarily puppet and prodigy:

Here is temptation, dreadful and sweet!

I could put an end to your hopes and affections,

Then you'd live and I'd live and no one must suffer but me.

I broke the hourglass,

I broke these eyes that stare emptily.

My love lies broken:

He`s paid the price;

He`s paid the price of the sea.

Crystal, Winter 2000
For Nynajelle

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