1.) We've walked the plains in crisp cold air,

Sat by the frozen well,

Found our way back to warmth and light

Just as the evening fell.

Now the fire seems alive tonight,

Full of voices, wild and free,

There are faces from forgotten years

And summers yet to be.

And we share the warmth, the thoughts and hopes

We've so often shared before.

Let all nights be filled with friends and fire

And we will ask no more.

Let us live and love each day that dawns

And treasure all our past.

Let us close the circle and believe

That it will always last.

- The flame is still alive -

2.) The heat is shining on his face

Still so full of jests and songs,

And in his voice the deep, calm joy

To be where he belongs.

And she laughs her golden laughter

But her eyes are soft and sad,

And I know she thinks of love and loss

In summers that we had.

Then I tell the tale we know so well,

They both cheer and cry like me,

And with a sigh we turn and smile

And set our mem'ries free.

Let us take the hand we're offered, friends,

And hold these moments dear.

Let there always be a path ahead,

Let's walk it far from fear.

-The flame is still alive -

3.) The night grows old, the fire sings,

It sets our hearts at ease,

And in the hush our eyes are filled

With a warm and drowsy peace.

In the twilight flare a thousand fires

Kindled by our hands,

That blaze for kindred folk tonight

Like stars in younger lands.

And we shiver as we feel the breath

Of a thousand distant friends.

It isn't here the dream was born

And here's not where it ends.

Let the snow fall deep and soft outside,

Let us sleep here in the glow,

Let us rest in friendship, smiles and tears

And let the winter know

-The flame is still alive -

Eva - finally finished 25-8-2003

(For all the friends at distant fires -

but most of all for Birgit)

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