Way to Avalon

Crystal 2003 For Sandra

We have set out on our way

Taking no heed of time.

Through rain and mists and winter night,

Through deep, infinite sorrow.

We have listened to the call of the stars

And to the whisper of leaves in the branches.

And far off a wind has blown

That makes us walk on.

For so long we've been

On the way to Avalon.

For so long

On our way...

I have shown you my wounds.

You have told me your grief.

Each one of us has chosen

His own time to speak or to be silent.

We have drawn the bow together

- our enemies were never far away!

And have come to know each other ever better

With the passing years.

For so long...

We don't know whom we have been yesterday,

And little of today will remain tomorrow.

A mirror an anchor a thread

We still have no destination.

We have never seen the sun

Or looked into bottomless chasms.

Our steps die away

Like the names we were given.

For so long...

One day we'll have disappeared

Like shadows, fading and mild.

We are going towards a Nowhere,

A dream and a song and an image.

One day we won't even need the quest any more,

We won't need anything to hold us.

Then the new light of Nevermore will dawn,

The destination and the end of the world.

For so long we've been

On the way to Avalon.

For so long

On the way

To Avalon.