(Both:) Yesterday our hearts were young
The sky stood open wide
Yesterday all roads ran far
and we walked side by side.
It is no one's fault that fate submits to changes,
and two lives that once were close should drift apart,
after all it's only one of many partings
that follow in the wake of each new start.

(Summer:) There are sunflecks dancing on my face,
the grass is tipped with dew,    (Fall:) . . . once the world was new . . .
there is strength and joy in every breath
and once you felt it, too.
When morning winds caress the face
our ship waits on the shore,      (Fall:) . . . smaller than before . . .
as I lift my pack I catch your smile
through the closing door.
I can't share the path you've chosen, friend,
for that future seems so small,
I'm not ready yet for rules and reins,
I'm still summer, you are fall.

(Both:) Though we knew, of course, it couldn't last forever
we'd have never thought that it would end this way,
there were moments filled with meaning and emotion -
they have passed as we have lingered day by day.
Now what tears remain are neither fierce nor bitter,
they are mild and shy and mingled with a smile,
we've seen happiness enough to last a lifetime,
and grief enough to last a while.

(Fall:) I'll sleep up on the roof tonight,
so the sky won't feel so far,        (Summer:) Do you see our star?
And wrapped in smells and sounds of home
I'll wonder where you are.
It's time for harvest, time for rest
the traveling days have passed,     (Summer:) Flown away too fast . . .
may you find what we have sought out there,
but I've arrived at last.
Should you meet the friends we made out there
say hello to one and all,
then tell them I'll await them here
when summer turns to fall.

(Both:)As we say farewell we know that it's forever,
even though our paths might sometime meet again;
then we'll dwell on days of daring, life and laughter
while deeper down our feelings slowly wane.
Let's not taint the past by clinging to pretences
when our deep and wondrous intimacy's gone,
let us part ere time turns lovers into strangers
and let at least the memory live on.

When in time the days grow cool and dim
let us quietly recall
we have traveled on this sunlit road
from summer to fall.

Eva, 26th of May 2005 (lyrics)
For Crystal
(music by Crystal & Eva)